About Me:

I am Rasa Krumina from Latvia. Great changes took place in my country Latvia (Since 2004 Latvia is European Union country. Latvia is located in the eastern part of the Europe.) many years ago. Communist regime collapsed, and it was replaced with the wild capitalism.

Many people lost their jobs at that time. I also lost my job. I was confused and distraught. I did not know what should I do now. Then I met my mother's acquaintance. She was a seamstress, and worked at a sewing workshop. She told me that the sewing courses will be organized at her sewing workshop. She asked me, "Do you want to come and try?". I replied to her, "Ok, I'll try, I have nothing to lose". 

I do not regret that I went to the sewing courses at that time. Experienced tailors taught me how to sew. I learned how to sew skirts, blouses, trousers and dresses. I learned how to construct the sewing patterns.

I finished sewing courses, and started to work as an apprentice in a sewing workshop. I worked in this workshop for five years. Then I set up a small sewing workshop at my home. I sewed clothes for women, girls and boys. 

Then I started to study in order to get a University degree. I did not have time to sew, although I liked sewing very much. Now again I have time to sew and to construct sewing patterns. It makes me happy.  

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